What Is YOUR Flex ?

Editorial by: Craig Amos

Many people think making a 💰 is a flex. (Well, it is.) But the bigger flex is the quality of life. When my oldest son came to live with me when he was 9, my job had me stay late to prepare a sales presentation for the sales manager early the next morning. When I got back to work that morning that project was still sitting on his desk. I quit my job that day.
Not only did they send my co-worker to my apartment, they sent my boss (who thought he was the reason) and eventually the OWNER of a $14M company! (This was 30 years ago when the USD was strong.) My boss said, "he'll buy your ass!" by offering more 💰 than I could refuse, but my son had been living in Cincinnati and I had to step in to change his course of decision-making. (And wasting my time wasn't an option.)
I told the owner it was more about the quality of life for me. And to this day, I am home when my daughter arrives from school. I've attended every swim meet, water polo match, volleyball ball game, tennis camp, and basketball game my youngest son and daughter have been involved in.
That's the flex. And if I can still afford to enjoy a comfortable life? WINNING!

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