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Native Houstonian.

Firstly, I want to thank you for agreeing to this exclusive interview for Sir Magazine, we really do appreciate it. Secondly, since you are from Houston, where did you grow up and and attend school?

I grew up in Pleasantville. East Houston. I went to Furr Senior High School and graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with a degree in Music & Video Business.

When did you know you wanted to be an actor or did an opportunity land in your lap and you explored it from there? Or did you take theater in school?

I had no interest in acting. My focus coming out of college was to be a music producer and promoter. When my son Adrian was seventeen years old, he took interest in being an actor. He told me that he wanted to be a doctor and I was so proud of him. Then he looked at me with a silly smile and added, “I want to be a doctor... in a movie, dad.” (lol) So, I started to help him build his acting career. It wasn’t until I started encouraging my son and daughter to think about what they want to study in college. I told them to pursue something that they see themselves doing every day for the rest of their lives. Yet, my daughter boldly and courageously said, “You don’t do it! Your degree in music business but you work at the bank and you hate it. Yet, you write books, work in the video ministry at church, you’re Adrian’s manager, and you help people with their music. Why don’t you do that instead of working at the bank.” My son Adrian agreed with her. They started to put pressure on me about doing something about my love for the entertainment industry. They saw something in me that made them think I would be a good actor in commercials. My son advised, “If you’re worried about not making enough money, don’t try to jump into acting head first. Do the same thing that you did with me. Start off with professional headshots, start doing small independent films, spec commercials and do some background acting until you build your resume and get some good footage to create a reel of your work. Then, GO FOR THE GUSTO! My first paid TV commercial was for Colbert Bell Tax Services. Ricky Smiley was the commentator. Everything took off from there.

I see that you’re a published author and writer. How many books have you written and do you have a fave?

All of my books and scripts are written in collaboration with Jaleesa Sargent. We also include our production company’ name, Eno Shaun, on every story. We’ve written 8 books together.Two are on the amazon market as Amazon #1 best sellers. My favorite of them all is Harmony’s Hope. WHY DO BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE?... While her estranged husband was getting bootylicious with another woman, this young mother boldly and courageously stood up for herself and while fighting against the hardship of her failing business and cruelty of divorce. This is a dynamic short story of friendship.

Harmony Morris moved to St. Khoi after ending a long and successful career in ballet. Her new mission was to take over her grandparent’s donut shop in the historic Coles Business District of St. Khoi. While trying to hold things together at the donut shop, everything else was falling apart. Not only was she on the verge of losing the family-owned business, but her husband was also asking for a divorce. In the end, we all learned a valuable life lesson about family and friends. Sometimes they let you down and sometimes they lift you up. Either way... That’s what friends are for!

I also see that you wrote a pilot for a TV series, can you expound on that?

“Mr. Grumpy!” The dramatic comedy’s main character is Billy Bookman, once known for his sense of humor, sex appeal, smooth approach to connecting with his fans and dominance of the golf course. Now in his old age, having spent most of his life mastering the game of golf, Billy Bookman’s constant struggle with sickness, disease, depression, drug abuse and financial calamity in his old age far exceeds the average setbacks of ordinary people. That is, until he discovers a group of friends who care. Realizing that golf is his first love, Billy set his hopes on returning to the golf course to take back his name of fame, Big Shot Bill.

NOTE: Although this story is light-hearted and fun, depression is a serious thing. Many times, it goes ignored but at times can be recognized by an individual’s extreme behavioral change and passed off as some type of attitude problem. Mental illness can leave loved ones frustrated, especially when it’s untreated or undiagnosed. From there, depression can make a mark on one’s character as people around them can awfully misinterpret and make ridiculous assumptions about their actions.

You currently live in Dallas, but it’s obvious you’re a Houston sports fan. We’re conducting a survey right now for the Top 10 Houston Sports Faves. Who’s in your all-time top 10 pro Houston athletes?

10. Steve Francis 9. Yao Ming 8. Lance Berkman 7. Warren Moon 6. Arian Foster 5. James Harden 4. JJ Watt 3. Andre Johnson 2. José Altuve 1. Hakeem the Dream

You’ve done a plethora of commercials across the state, and appeared in a handful of movies. Can you give us more insight into your where your acting career has taken you so far and what you see in the near future?

I am proud to be a commercial actor. I get to tell the story about products and services that inspire consumers to BUY! My goal is to be a campaign actor in the likes of Flo from Progressive Insurance, Jake from State Farm, and the Gieco Caveman.

Do you have any favorite actors you’ve worked with so far?

My son Adrian died in a terrible car accident in December of 2021. My desire to be the best commercial actor that I can be is inspired by him and his courage to stand up to me about my career. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be doing what I’m doing today. Every commercial I book, character I play and story that I write is in honor of him.

More often than not, people have burning answers they wish they were asked; did we leave anything out or would you like to add something you’d like anyone reading to know about you?

Also, check out my Youtube channel for kids. Eno Kids TV

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