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Ford Slashes F-150 Lightning Production Goals in Half
Ford Motor Co. is cutting 2024 production goals in half for its signature electric vehicle, the F-150 Lightning plug-in pickup truck, as demand slows for battery powered models. Ed Ludlow and Annmarie Hordern report on Bloomberg Television.
Corvette Can Reach 200mph In 3.5 Seconds | Ridiculous Rides
IN THE high-octane world of dragsters, one monster Corvette stands out for its ability to hit 200mph in three-and-a-half seconds. The 2014 “Screw Blown RVW” Corvette cranks out 3,800 horsepower and is owned by father and son team Mike Decker Jr. and Mike Decker III, …
BMW Expects EV Sales to Grow in 2024
BMW North America CEO and president expects electric car sales to grow in 2024 as demand stays strong. He speaks to Bloomberg's Matt Miller about their future EV plans.

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