Greater range, greater comfort.

The 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan upgrades the electric flagship with focused comfort and superior electric technology.

This is the electric vehicle against which all others must be measured.

And it wastes no time letting you know: With the three-pointed star standing upright on the hood, the Mercedes-Benz EQS Sedan proudly communicates its credentials. That star highlights a newly refined exterior. A deep black panel grille merges seamlessly with the vehicle’s headlamps, with new, flush-mounted chrome slats becoming a signature feature. Chrome elements are echoed within, where they accentuate a progressive interior centered around the sleek Hyperscreen.

For EQS passengers, the cabin is a shrine to comfort. At its more exclusive trim levels, the vehicle offers rapid-heating rear seats, neck and shoulder heating, pneumatic adjustment of seat depth, and comfort pillows in contrast stitching. It’s attentively focused on putting you at ease. The front passenger seat now folds down to create even more room to relax.

The electric drive system in the EQS is state-of-the-art: An all-new battery increases usable capacity to 118 kWH to deliver maximum range. New regenerative braking software allows the vehicle to recuperate even more energy. The EQS also makes use of a heat pump to recycle waste heat into climate comfort, another contributor to improved range

The 2025 EQS will be available at dealerships later in 2024.

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