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Do you ever feel like your mid-life life is passing you by?

Honestly, I sometimes do. Are you a mid-lifer who can relate?

I know many of the mid-lifers I work with can. We are all so busy. And for many of us we’re especially busy taking care of others, and so our “Go To” tends to be for us to take a backseat and prioritize everything and everyone else!

When my clients tell me that they are tired, stressed, and overwhelmed (as well as when I start to feel that I way),

I remind them and myself that the best way to combat tired, stressed, and overwhelmed is to make sure that “I’m putting my mask on first!”

I prioritize my Self-Care.

Why? Because when I take care of me, I am better at taking care of them and everything else that I need to take care of.

Some things may slip through my fingers, but my mid-life life isn’t passing me by because:

• I’m more confident

• I’m more focused

• I’m able to make better decisions

• I’m in a better place to listen to others

• I’m less easily triggered

• I’m much more energized

• I’m more motivated to take care of more

• I’m full of enthusiasm to help those I love and care about help them “Do More!”

And if I do that, when my mid-life life stops for me, I get on and enjoy the ride. Don’t let “YOUR” doors close on you.

Carlos A. Reyes


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