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Gangnam Spa Healing Paradise, 4055 Hwy. 6 (Bear Creek area)

Courtyard Salons, 8560 West Rd. (Easton Commons Plaza, Copperfield)

Memorial City Mall Barber Shop (First Floor)

Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, 11990 Westheimer Rd (Ashford area)

Hickory Pit BBQ Restaurant, 6601 S Rice Ave. (Bellaire)

Mr. T’s Men’s Fashions Boutique, 10550 W. Bellfort Ave., Suite 130 (Southwest)

Mikki’s Soulfood Café, 10500 W Bellfort Ave., Suite 100 (Southwest)

Empire Barber Studio10515 Northwest Frwy. (Northwest)

Evergreen Cleaners, 5428 Almeda (Mid-Town)

Houston’s This Is It Soul Food2712 Blodgett St. (Third Ward)

Tobacco Havana, 7016 Fry Rd. Unit C (Cypress/Katy)

Swan’s Fade ’Em All Men’s Barbershop, 2600 South Loop Freeway, Third Floor, (Southeast)

2636 Professional Building, 2636 South Loop Freeway, First Floor Deli, (Southeast)


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