The Misplaced Anger Towards Caitlin Clark: COULD THE DIFFERENCE BE IN BLACK AND WHITE?

“Whoever hath an ear, let him hear what the wise man sayeth to the fool.” ~ Amos 3:16

Op-Ed by: Craig L. Amos, Publisher, Sir Modern Man Magazine

Sunday, June 9, 2024 - I have to chime in this Sunday morning because this topic is getting out of hand. I wake up and read that a television sports analyst said that Caitlin Clark should “pull out the weave of the next player who pushes her.” Obviously, alluding to black women who are the main wearers of weave (especially on the basketball court). I have a high school daughter who very well may make it to the next level in basketball.

I like Caitlin a lot … and it was before the hype after the championship loss vs. LSU. On the other hand, until now I didn't give a SHIT about women’s hoops unless my daughter was playing at her middle school games. Much the same way many Blacks didn’t give a shit about golf until Tiger Woods showed up. 

Yet, Blacks didn’t complain about all the media attention given to this young, black phenom. And Whites didn’t show disdain for him, either. Rather they did the opposite and actually followed his every move on the golf course … ROARED LOUDLY UNTIL THIS DAY!

Why? Because he moved the motherfucking needle for the game of golf! Other players may have had similar feelings of being overlooked, but they damn sure looked the other way because by Tiger bringing them eyes, also brought them dollars. (Excuse my candor, I haven’t finished my second cup of coffee, yet.)

Even recently I watched Tiger show up to several golf tournaments to “give it a go” and the TV cameras followed his every move. Why? Because he STILL moves the needle. He’s the straw that stirs the drink. And that describes Caitlin Clark. She did it wildly for college women’s basketball and the Iowa Hawkeyes. I just read that the Indiana Fever’s last game drew a bigger attendance than an NBA PLAYOFF GAME THAT SAME DAY!

For the lady basketball players, trust me, I get it. I might be a little jealous, too (but I highly doubt it), if one of my daughter’s teammates garnered most of the attention beca… WAIT! There is one already on her team! A white superstar player who has lead her team to an 8th grade Silver League Championship title, Player of the Year and will be leading the Langham Creek Lobos starting next school year. We’ll be rooting for her loudly and clearly, and I’ll be damned if I allow my daughter to do anything other than ride that train to another ’chip if given the chance.

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