You know, one of the things that I think that we forget, especially as we get older, is we forget what it’s like that first time, when you’re riding a bicycle. I took my son last weekend to ski, he’s three, and you know it’s probably because he’s so close to the ground but he’s fearless. You watch kids and what’s so beautiful about them is they are fearless. I watch him and it almost makes me envious. I miss feeling that fearlessness, so I really try now to put myself into positions that scare me. So for me, I don’t know how to swim and I hate cold water so this past summer I signed up for a surfing class — something you should never do if you can’t swim. As my teacher was dragging me into the ocean I was bawling like a baby and I turned my head and, of course, there’s a six year old doing a headstand! You know? Like a surfboard and I’m like crying. It was the most awesome experience ever! Because even though I did not get on that surfboard that day I knew what it was like to be afraid again; but to be liberated from fear to be excited by challenge and I want to feel that way often.

When you’re not living on your edge and you’re feeling safe, it’s time to get up and move on.

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