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Exercises to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

Kegel exercises can help reduce erectile dysfunction by strengthening the perineal muscle and increasing blood flow to the penis. Other exercise types can help improve your overall health, which may [...]
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Be Excited by Fear

DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES YOU OFTEN.You know, one of the things that I think that we forget, especially as we get older, is we forget what it’s like that first [...]
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Houston Sports Faves

Someone once said that Americans love Top 10 Lists, so here’s your chance to prove them right — or wrong. The results will appear online and inside our premiere print [...]
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IF you’ve ever spent more than a few days being or trying to be an entrepreneur, you quickly find that it is a solitary position to be in. Even if [...]
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99 bottles of beer on the wall

We’ve been collecting 99 unique bottles of beer over the last few years, but we’ve finally hit our goal and now are ready to pass them along — be it [...]
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